Drug and Alcohol Policy



Drug and Alcohol Policy


Master Removers Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. A key factor in this provision is to ensure that employees do not misuse drugs, or alcohol, nor are exposed to the consequences of misuse by others.

The Law also imposes obligations on employers to ensure a safe system of work both under statute such as the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and at common law, for example, in negligence claims. The terms of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 also impose severe restrictions on organisations in their capacity as employers in relation to the use of drugs and alcohol.

In order to fulfil its obligations Master Removers Group must pursue a policy which secures a healthy and safe environment for all employees. At the same time Master Removers Group must also take into account the employees’ rights under UK employment protection legislation and relevant codes of practice.

Master Removers Group recognises that they operate in a safety critical environment and job roles such as road crew and warehouse operatives directly relate to the safe operation of equipment or vehicles, or work at height and which, if not performed properly, could result in a serious safety risk to employees or the general public.

Policy Statement

Master Removers Group will not tolerate anyone’s performance being impaired by alcohol or the taking of illegal drugs.

Employees must not consume, be under the influence of, smell of, or display the after-effects of alcohol (hangover), illegal or non-medically prescribed drugs or be affected by the abuse of solvents or similar substances whilst at work. Employees must not be involved in any transaction in connection with the handling, possession, sale or purchase of illegal drugs.

Alcohol and illegal drugs must not be brought on to our premises, into any of our vehicles or onto the property of our customers. If employees are reasonably suspected of being in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be suspended from work immediately, they may be requested to take a test and subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The police may also be notified.


  • To increase the general awareness / knowledge of employees regarding the risks associated with alcohol consumption and the misuse of drugs.

  • To help managers / supervisors raise their awareness and identify individuals with alcohol / drug related problems in order to take action.

  • To improve the health of the workforce by encouraging employees to lead lifestyles free from drug misuse and excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol.

  • To encourage and facilitate individuals with drug or alcohol problems to seek help.

  • To create a culture whereby all staff realise the importance of not covering up for individuals with known drug or alcohol problems.

  • To provide appropriate assistance to employees who have problems with alcohol or drugs.

  • To promote a healthy and safe working environment and thereby protect the welfare of all individuals (employees, members of public, visitors) avoiding risks associated with the use of

    drugs and alcohol.

Implementation Strategy

Master Removers Group will:

  • Take active steps to communicate the policy to employees.

  • Provide all employees with information (awareness training, literature etc.) to enable them

    to make sensible lifestyle decisions regarding the avoidance of drug and alcohol problems.
    • Provide managers with training to help identify individuals with alcohol / drug related

problems and action to be taken.

  • Encourage managers to discuss at the earliest opportunity any concerns with the employee

    in a supportive manner and take appropriate action.

  • Encourage employees with alcohol / drug problems to seek help in confidence.

Managers have a responsibility:

  • To demonstrate the knowledge of, and positive support for this policy setting a good example to employees and establishing sound practices.

  • To ensure that the policy is effectively communicated and that all employees are aware of the potential problems of drug and alcohol misuse.

  • To monitor the working environment to ensure it does not have the potential to create drug and alcohol misuse problems and to be alert to the symptoms and evidence of drug and alcohol misuse.

  • To ensure the wellbeing of employees and thus their families by protecting employees through prompt remedial action.

  • To immediately address any concerns regarding alcohol or suspected use of illegal drugs or substance abuse. Misuse of alcohol or illegal drug use / substance abuse, may come to light in various ways, for example increased level of absence, decrease in work performance, or mood swings.

Testing with Due Cause

In the interests of Health and Safety, if the suspected person is employed in a role which involves driving or handling of equipment/machinery, and we have reason to believe that their performance may be impaired as a result of alcohol consumption or suspected illegal drug use / substance abuse,

we have the right to request they take a breath test or request them to take a drug’s test which will be administered by a third party.

In the event of a positive reading we reserve the right to suspend them, without pay, for the remainder of the shift. In some cases where a test cannot be carried out the manager may take the decision to suspend the employee pending further investigation. In the case of all employees, if a manager feels that their unsatisfactory performance may be alcohol or drug / substance related they will arrange to hold a meeting with them.

Master Removers Group will generally take a welfare based approach when dealing with individuals having drug / alcohol related problems. However individuals testing positive must be aware that in having chosen to report for duty with substances in their system they are exposing themselves and others to an unacceptable level of risk. Individuals must be aware, that the severity of a problem or incident, or the refusal of help could lead to disciplinary action under Master Removers Groups Disciplinary Procedure.

Refusal to Donate a Sample for Drug and Alcohol Testing

In the event that an individual refuses to take a test, or to have the results of the test disclosed to Master Removers Group, an initial discussion will be held with the individual and their manager to ascertain any reasons for non-compliance, and every effort will be made to explain the procedure and address any concerns raised. Prior to the discussion the individual to be tested will be advised

that a work colleague may accompany them. This individual will only be acting as a witness not a representative. At the conclusion of this meeting the individual will be reminded of the likely consequences (see below) and given a 15 minute waiting period to reflect on the situation. If at the conclusion of the 15 minute waiting period, the individual still refuses to take a test or to have the results disclosed to Master Removers Group, they will be asked to sign a declaration indicating their refusal to comply with the procedure.

Dealing in Drugs

Dealing in drugs is illegal and will not be condoned in any circumstances. Any individual suspected of dealing in illegal drugs on Master Removers Group premises, or whilst on duty, will be reported to the Police and Master Removers Groups Disciplinary Procedure will be invoked.

If it is confirmed that an individual has been dealing illegal drugs, or refuses to undertake a drug or alcohol test, or to have the results disclosed to the Master Removers Group, the issue will be referred to the relevant line manager who will decide the appropriate course of action according to the circumstances and the information available. This may result in the employee being dealt with in accordance with Master Removers Group Disciplinary Procedure.

Employees also have responsibility –

• As required by legislation, to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others.

• To be alert to the potential difficulties of other employees with drug / alcohol misuse problems and to communicate any concerns to their line manager responsibly and confidentially.

  • To seek help where they themselves are experiencing drug/alcohol misuse problems.

  • To use alcohol responsibly and avoid the use of controlled drugs or any other substance

    unless authorised or prescribed medically.

  • To ensure that they report for work and at all times remain in a fit state to carry out their

    duties and that their behaviour, judgement and job performance is not impaired in any way

    by alcohol or drugs.

  • To observe this policy in all respects.

Review of Policy

Master Removers Group will review this policy as part of the Quality Management System or in light of any legislative guidance.

Other Policies / Procedures

Any complaints about the administration of this policy will be dealt with under Master Removers Group Grievance Procedure.

Individuals must be aware, that the severity of a problem or incident, or the refusal of help could lead to disciplinary action under Master Removers Group Disciplinary Procedure.



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